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Statement Printing & Mailing Services
Data Image understands the importance of how your variable text appears and its effectiveness. Data Image has two solutions which both offer proven results.

StandardImage: Data Image will preprint all your highlight colors and shaded areas on a custom designed professional document and will laser image all variable text and informational areas using black laser printing. All credit cards and logos will be preprinted in the colors of your choice.

ColorImage: The ColorImage solution allows the entire document, including all variable information, logos and artwork to change colors as needed. This service allows us to create an entirely flexible document using full color variable printing. We would be glad to create a sample document for you.

Data Online eServices

DataViewSM: Everyone has needed to recreate a document but the actual mailed document was not available. DataView provides a twelve month archive of documents for viewing, printing and emailing in PDF format.

DataAccessSM: Secure online access for your customers to all their billing documents. Customers can easily view their bills, make a payment, check their payment history and update their personal information.

DataPaySM: In these busy times, customers want an easy way to pay online. DataPay allows your customers to pay their bills online and also supports internal payment processing.

Graphic Design
Data Image has in-house graphic artists available to assist with the creation and implementation of customer friendly documents. Please contact us if you are planning to change the format of your existing documents or if you want assistance creating a brochure or newsletter. Youíll be amazed at the innovative ideas our graphic artist will develop for you.

Data Cleansing & Address Services
How can you be assured that your addresses are accurate and are being mailed to the correct address? Data Image offers complete address standardization, can scan your address database for bad addresses using USPS bad address criteria and can also find someone who has moved and registered a forwarding address using our NCOALink service. Best of all, all bad address information and change of address information is sent back to you so that your records can be updated. Data Image is a licensed provider of NCOALink services.

TrackMyMail Services
Now you can track your mail as it moves through the postal system! Itís easy with TrackMyMail. TrackMyMail is a unique solution that works with any browser, providing simple, powerful reports online that show where every mailing is in the system ó and when it's been delivered.

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